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    Mao Zedong playing ping pong, 1963.

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    A group of armed Boxers. The Boxer Rebellion, Boxer Uprising or Yihetuan Movement, was an anti-foreign, proto-nationalist movement by the Righteous Harmony Society in China between 1898 and 1901, opposing foreign imperialism and Christianity. The uprising took place against a background of severe drought and economic disruption in response to growth of foreign spheres of influence.

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    Having fun with the LAPD!! c.1928 

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    Soviet female railroad worker

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    Billie Holiday

    Photo by William Gottlieb

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    Leadbelly with young children

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    Macabre Black and White Images of Performances at the Grand Guignol Theater by LIFE

    Long before slasher films became highly popular, there stood a little theater in Paris infamous for its shockingly brutal and realistic portrayals of gore and horror. Welcome to the Grand Guignol. http://bit.ly/1zcAHPk

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    Cleo Brown singing “When Hollywood Goes Black and Tan”.

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    Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

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    Russian Young Pioneers meeting Fidel Castro

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