1. hellhoundonmytrail:

    Furry Lewis “Billy Lyons And Stack O’Lee” (2:36)
    (Recorded October 9, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois)

  2. zzzze:

    Raeburn Flerlage
    At a Lightnin’ Hopkins Concert,Western Hall,
    Chicago, 1965

  3. zzzze:

    Raeburn Flerlage
    Koko Taylor & Lightnin’ Hopkins
    Western Hall,1965


  5. mattmccauslin:

    Lightnin’ Hopkins - Morning Blues

  6. theragmansroost:

    Lightnin’ Hopkins, 1965.

  7. afleetalexandra:

    Seabiscuit poses with his statue at Santa Anita Park

  8. twoseparatecoursesmeet:

    Longacres, 1950s

    Bruce Thomas

  9. historicaltimes:

    Boy watching TV for the first time in an appliance store window, 1948

    (via georgewashingtongenocide)

  11. undr:

    Ruth Orkin

    The card players. 1947

  13. valentinovamp:

    Brandon deWilde and Paul Newman in "Hud" (1963).

    (via old-hopes-and-boots)


  14. bedroom-culture:

    Elizabeth Cotten- When I get Home (stream mp3)

  15. blackhistoryalbum:

    The College Girl (Mara Hruby)
    —- Photo by Fredrick Shavies
    —- Via Pinterest, Credit vintageblack2.tumblr.com